Gas Discharge Lamps

Disposal of Gas Discharge Lamps

Large Quantities

If you are discarding 1000 or more non-filament lamps that carry the brand mark of one or more Lumicom members, you can request the collection of those lamps. However, please bear in mind BIS Guideline 129 which states:

“It should be noted that business users (ie users of WEEE from non-private households do not

– A legal right to collection from their own premises or
– A legal right of free access to the DCF network”

Small Quantities

Small quantities may be deposited at a local recycling centre. Please note, BIS guidelines say that:

“Guideline 119. Some CA sites and waste transfer stations currently accept WEEE from small businesses. However there is no common practice and this is entirely at the discretion of the LA. If there is a local policy to accept “trade waste” from small distributors, LAs retain the right to make a charge for the service”

“Guideline 120. A pragmatic approach should be taken here given the definition of household WEEE in the WEEE Directive and the service that LAs may wish to offer local small businesses. However, any WEEE that businesses take to DCFs must fall within the definition of household WEEE in the WEEE Directive and the Regulations:”

“Guideline 121. “WEEE from private households” means WEEE which comes from private households and from commmercial, industrial, institutional and other sources which, because of its nature and quantity, is similar to that from private households. Waste from EEE likely to be used by both private households and users other than private households shall in any event be considered to be WEEE from private households.”